Is it really worth it to carpet scotch guarding? Yes, in a nutshell. Although it has been misrepresented as a “magic bullet,” it does help in the protection of your carpet. Scotch guard helps as a soil retardant, meaning stains will come out faster and cleaning your carpet will be smoother the next time.

How often do you vacuum your carpet? Regularly? Once a week, perhaps? Once a month, perhaps? Carpet cleaning is something you can’t put off, yet it may also take up your entire day if done once a month. In fact, vacuuming it every day is ineffective. Vacuuming your carpet every day can roughen the material and cause it to lose its lustre, so now, while bacteria has become more resistant and concrete or suburban life-style leaves you with little time, you need something extra green.

It’s no surprise that washing isn’t recommended everywhere. This is because washing your carpet might cause it to absorb more dust until it dries, and it will take many days for it to dry and become usable. Furthermore, if you employ a carpet cleaning company to give you with a thorough carpet cleaning, it is a fact that it will cost you a lot of money. Hiring a service every week might wreak havoc on your budget, therefore the question arises: what’s even greener?




Scotch guarding is a fabric protection treatment that is applied to carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and automobile upholstery after they have been steam cleaned. The scotch guard aids in the locking of our one-of-a-kind treatment in its Teflon protective coat, preventing subsequent stains.


a drop of a water laying on a skin color carpet but not absorbed by carpet due to scotch guarding chemical



Scotch guard is a strong, professional material protector filled with fluoropolymers and a unique stain stabilizer that prevents soiling and staining, as previously stated. Our Scotch guard utility may be used on most carpets and textiles, but only after thorough pre-testing and evaluation by our experienced team. Also, Same Day Steam Cleaning offers its remaining Carpet Scotch guarding services for the lowest possible price. So don’t hesitate to contact us to give your carpets that much-needed boost of cleanliness and hygiene.



  • Scotch Guard protects your carpets and fabrics by acting as a sealant. It has a protective shield around each fiber that protects it from water and oil-based stains. This provides a protective and durable coat for carpets and upholstery that resists stains, filth, and soiling. Because carpet cleaning same day Carpet Scotch Guard repels spills and stains for quicker cleanup, Carpet Cleaning same day is here to take away all of your problems. Our scotch guard is great for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and lounges because it dries quickly and is gentle on sensitive fabrics. Finally, our scotch shield has no effect on the breathability of the cloth.
  • With our skilled team of workers and cutting-edge technology, the carpet scotch guarding procedure is simple and reliable. Our skilled specialists will arrive at your location and, first and foremost, remove the items from the foundation. Our personnel is friendly and always ready to lend a helpful hand at no additional cost. After that, he’ll get his device ready for the scotch defense process. He will inspect the carpet for colorfastness prior to the operation. It includes running the Scotch Guard software on a tiny area of the carpet to see if the color comes off when removed with a white cloth after drying or not.


  • If the results are satisfactory, he will continue with his Carpet Scotch guarding treatment. After that, the carpet will need to dry for a while. To expedite the drying process, we recommend keeping children, dogs, and other furnishings away from the drying area.

Finally, you will be delighted to welcome your fresh and regenerated carpets. Call today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference for yourself.


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Carpet Cleaning Same day is a rapid steam cleaning service that focuses on end-results, ensuring that the service we provide is long-lasting. To achieve this goal, we hire electricity-active carpet scotch guard sellers who keep your carpet from a variety of future stains and filth, allowing your carpet to remain easy and safe for a long time. Also, the scotch guards that we employ are safe for pets and children, ensuring a healthy and secure environment while also fulfilling our steam cleaning service needs.

  • Scotch guard protection for nylon carpets
  • Scotch protection microfiber carpet
  • Scotch guard protection for velvet carpets
  • Scotch guard protection made of synthetic fibres
  • Scotch guard protection for wool carpets
  • Scotch guard protection jute carpet

Carpet Cleaning Sameday provides the carpet cleaning results you’ve been looking for. We provide you with the highest level of dependability and usefulness, as well as safety and technology. We provide you with convenience at a reasonable price. As an example, we offer a unique carpet scotch guarding service that allows you to avoid carpet cleaning for a long period while keeping your carpet safe from stains, dirt, and microorganisms. We provide you with the highest level of service from which to choose.



This scotch carpet scotch guarding protection soaks into your carpet and provides excellent protection. It adheres to every fiber of your carpet and protects it from stains, just as you’d expect. If your carpet has a stain after this scotch defend protection, the stain will stay on the surface and can be removed in a cross. We can assist you in achieving your goal of not having to scrub spots on a regular basis. If you have a full-time job and children to look after, this stain resistance can be your lifesaver.



The Scotch Guard protection that Carpet Cleaning Same day provides ensures that your carpet is dust-free. The filth remains on the surface and can be removed with a simple wipe. We also make certain that your carpet cloth is not harmed in any way. Like the dust particles that used to terrify you, it no longer does. Furthermore, by avoiding a dust soaking, you and your family can avoid allergic reactions and maintain a fresh vibe for an extended period of time. With us, you won’t have to worry about the dust piling up in your carpet, causing you to spend time cleaning and scrubbing it.


showing effect of carpet scotch guarding right hand side is protected on which drops are not absorbed on contrary wine is absorbed




Carpet Cleaning Same day cleansing provider is properly aware of the information that the sanitization of a carpet is simply as essential as its cleansing is, there’s a high need of killing all of the microorganism and its protection in order that the stains and bacteria don’t come again. Well after a radical carpet cleansing same day, comes the step of application of carpet protection, which comprises of superior scotch defend safety that saves each fiber of your carpet from getting lower back the soil or dust. However, direct application of scotch defend spray does now not final longer so we apply it integrated with steam in order that it receives absorbed and serves its sole cause.



Well this concept is new that you may explicitly have your matters wiped clean in a way that they stay clean for a longer length. Carpet Cleaning Same day with its expertise introduces you the convenience that this new decade brings us. Our carrier no longer best saves you a variety of time and money that you would possibly spend on replacing a dirty carpet, however also defend it from soaking up any type of debris or pathogens for a positive length to comply with. To ennoble your home hygiene, we follow carpet scotch guarding protection for your carpet to make it notably secure for your house surroundings and your carpet fabric. Most cleaners roughen the carpet material, make it fade in color or simply emerge as thinner thru the cleansing procedure. Neither our cleaning carrier nor our carpet scotch guarding reasons any harmful results to your family vibe or your carpet.



In our carpet scotch guarding carrier, we do not accept any low-quality or everyday low-cost items. Carpet Cleaning Same day is a brand that stands for quality and convenience. We believe that providing outstanding service is the most effective method to win your clients’ hearts. As a result, we feed your carpet with impeccably clean and trustworthy carpet protection right away. At Carpet Cleaning Same day, we use EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) preferred products to care for your carpet while also assuring the safety of your indoor environment.