Pest control means how to control the breed of pest in our surroundings. For this purpose, different kinds of means are used such as physical removal, use of chemicals, sprays etc. In order to select the correct pest control method, you have to examine what kind of pest you are dealing. Either they are cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, bees, silver fish, spider, mosquitoes or rats and mice.

Pest Control Services in Australia


In order to control pest, Carpet Cleaning Sameday is providing their reliable services in all over the Victoria. They are serving in suburbs of Victoria since 15 years. Our core values include customer satisfaction, provide safe and sound environment to your family members by maintaining hygiene and sanitizing your place, high quality services because for us quality is the building block.

In order to hire any service provider firstly you have to understand what kind of breed of pest are living in your place.

six cockroaches on white surface

Let us discussed each kind of pest individually:



They are including among the dirtiest and nasty pest mostly present in warm houses. They usually seen in your places after dark and eat any kind of food, they are not only dirty but may contain some dangerous diseases so it is important to hire services in order to remove them.

Carpet Cleaning Sameday is providing the best type of services, they first inspect what kind of cock roaches are present in your place then applied specific methodology in order to remove them. For any methodology we must ensure customer satisfaction, safety of family members and quality of service.

Rats and Mice:

There are present in our homes as they are our family members. They spread many dangerous disease including Hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV),

Their population is increasing as ten times each year. You have to ensure that no food left behind for them, you have to block their entrance if they are coming from outside. Always throw garbage outside of the house.

For best cleanliness you have to hire experts and if you are a residence of Australia then you can get aid from Carpet Cleaning Sameday, because they are providing effective services by examining what kind of pest are present and what kind of methodology is best to use.


The most seen pest around food. If you just have seen one ant another one is just nearby. You can clean your home and remove them but you can’t stop new one to enter in your house. For permanent removal of this kind of pest it is good to hire an expert services, they first inspect your home then applied proper methodology.

Carpet Cleaning Same day is providing reliable services for removal of ants by sealing all the holes in your home and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.


They are cause of malaria, dengue and even death. Sometimes you are maintaining hygiene even though mosquitoes are around you.  For permanent removal of this kind of pest it is better to hire professionals as they not only remove the present one from your house but also block the further entrance in your house because their feed on human blood.

Bed Bugs:

This kind of pest are mostly remove by professionals because like mosquitoes they also feed on human blood so it is important to remove them permanently. It is better to hire experts on first hand and not wasting time by sitting idle or do it by yourself.

There are different kind of methodologies are present for removal of pest but you have to ensure your satisfaction, your family members safety, quality of service.

termites eating wood

For different kinds of pest different kinds of methods are available for their removal.


These methods include organic methods, biological methods, chemical pest control and hygiene pest control.

Organic Pest Control Method:


In organic pest control there is a use of sprays or a trap for pest by adding some poison in food for him. This method is suitable for those who wants to maintain the safety of their kids and animals.

Chemical Pest Control Method:


As organic methods are somehow not as effective as chemical pest control methods. In this method we use some liquids or solids for removal of pest but they are dangerous for other living organisms.

Biological Pest Control Method:


Biological Pest Control is also a famous method used for removal of pest control. In this method living organism are used to remove and control the increasing population of pests breed.

Hygiene Pest Control Method:


Hygiene Pest Control is the simplest, easiest and cheapest method used by all. In this method you have to ensure the cleanliness in your surroundings. Don’t let any food present for pests, throw all the garbage in dustbin.

Hiring Pest Control Experts:


Pest Control Services are used by homes and offices. This is the most effective method for removal of pests. Ensure that you are hiring experts and professionals as you are spending money. Carpet Cleaning Sameday is providing different kinds of home cleaning services including pest control. Our main goal is to keep the Australia clean, hygiene, disease free.

If you spend money then always ensure the core values of any service providers.